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At PropEle Electric Boat Motors, we design products to power small boats most efficiently, safely and quietly. We use the right technologies and thoughtfully designed features in all our products.

PropEle's products are assembled in the USA, and we are a family-owned company.

Founder Joe Grez is a physicist by training, the inventor of many US patents, and is passionate about well-designed marine products. He also engineered products and managed projects for Philips Sonicare* for 12 years.

Joe also was a member of the LaserMotive team which won NASA's 'Space Elevator Games' challenge in 2009, by remotely powering a lift device over 1 km high. Read more at www.lasermotive.com/blog

The Electric Paddle was invented after Joe converted his small cruising run-about from gas-power to electric in 2008.
Read more about Swe'Pea's conversion from gas-power to electric ... click here to download

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