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The Electric Paddle is a complete portable power system including motor, battery, and charger plus handy accessories like a lock and carry bag. It is designed for canoes, small tenders - both inflatable and hard-shell, sailing dinghies, inflatable pontoon boats, and kayaks (if fitted with a motor mount). It's suitable for salt or fresh water use.
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Many portable boats such as canoes, guide boats and kayaks have no transom for mounting your Electric Paddle system. In these cases you need a motor mount that side-mounts the motor to the boat. We offer two mounts one for a canoe and another for a kayak.


Set-up requires no assembly and takes less than one minute.

Clamp to TransomClamp to the transom. Tighten screws until motor is secure.
Adjust Tilt StopAdjust tilt stop so motor is vertical when lowered.
plug battery connectorPlug battery connector into motor and you're ready to go.
When in water deep enough for the motor (at least 18 inches deep) pivot the shaft into the water by pushing back on the tiller handle. For convenience, all controls are at the end of the tiller handle. Insert the key, and twist throttle knob to go.

     when in deep water

The Electric Paddle is steered like a normal outboard motor. The tiller is offset to the side to permit a more comfortable steering position.

Electric Paddle

Recharging your battery

To charge, plug in the Smart charger to a standard wall outlet (120/240v AC 50/60 Hz) and attach the battery cord to the charger. There's only one battery cord and one connector so there's no possible way to hook it up incorrectly. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach a full charge. The Smart charger draws less than 150 watts so you can use an inverter to power the charger while traveling on a larger boat or vehicle.