Electric Paddle
We believe in the rejuvenating power
of relaxing on the water.
Prideaux Haven BC is lovely

We love reliable outboard motors that are safe, don't drip oil in the water, or sputter smoke into the air. And never spill gasoline on our clothes or skin. And best of all, are so quiet we can hear the birds chatter as we motor to shore.

So we created a powerful electric outboard motor that runs clean and quiet. We made sure it's lightweight and intuitive for the entire crew to handle.

We're the team from EP Carry. We value great service. We're proud to make quality electric outboard motors for dinghies.

Revolutionizing electric outboard motors since 2009

Gas to electric outboard conversion by Joe Grez
In the summer of 2008, after registering the family gas-powered wooden boat, PropEle Founder Joe Grez was directed to place a mandatory CO warning sticker on their small runabout.

Proximity of the gas motor near their young daughter gave him pause. On that 14' boat, everyone was seated close to the loud, polluting motor.

As an experienced consumer product developer with a degree in physics and portfolio of US patents, Joe was passionate about well-designed marine products. His career ranged from engineering solar panels to leading teams developing breakthrough consumer products for Philips Sonicare and L'Oreal.

On that summer day in 2008, the choice was obvious. Don't expose his youngster to that nearby gas motor. Joe immediately set about to convert the runabout from gas to full electric power.

A transformed and more enjoyable boating experience

Equally important to great propulsion performance, everyone quickly realized the electric boating experience was dramatically better in many ways. With less noise and no fumes or smoke, they could enjoy the natural sounds, smells and sights of the vistas around them. With less to interfere, being on the water was a more powerful restorative and rejuvenating experience, connecting to the natural world with a new sense of tranquility. Conversations with family and friends opened up as they were able to hear each other. It was a transformational experience.

Alternative fuel for outboard motorThe next step was to create a better way to power other small craft using new electric technology and unique design features to overcome the challenges of small boats in stability, size and weight, and to allow for easy beaching, handling and motor storage on board. The first Electric Paddle motors were sold in 2009. Years later, our industrial design inspiration remains the simple yet elegant paddle shape, since many small boats were originally hand-paddled or rowed.

Today, our team in North Bend, WA manufactures the EP Carry system using advanced electronics technology, a lightweight Lithium battery, and a unique patented design. We've achieve a new standard of performance and function. The EP Carry is the most lightweight and easy to use portable electric outboard boat motor available, providing a more enjoyable boating experience for everyone.

“Lightweight, quiet, easy to carry and install. Great little motor, quiet and reliable. Lightweight battery, easy to charge and transport.”
—Tharon R., MI & Bahamas. Read more testimonials.