Electric Paddle
Unique Design Features
Unique patented design features to easily overcome the challenges of powering small boats.
Designed and assembled in the USA.
EP Carry has the right amount of efficient power for small boats, with a unique design to maximize control, comfort and safety.  Its revolutionary and patented design make powering your small boat simple and easy for a better experience.
  • Is light enough to lift and carry easily - 21 lbs total for motor with battery pack
  • Simple set up, operation and take down from a seated position - no standing or leaning over your transom
  • A simple pull on the tiller arm raises the motor when you reach shore, and a simple push can lower it.
  • Throttle and reverse controls are easy to use at the end of the long tiller arm
  • Waterproof and buoyant battery pack
  • Fast battery recharge - 5 hours or less
  • Easy to replace the patented, water-lubricated unified prop and gear cartridge.  
  • Long run time per charge: 1 hour at full throttle, or 2 hours at half throttle, or 3+ hours at slow speeds
ep carry comparison chart
Highly efficient power at ideal speeds for small boats whose length and hull shape don’t support fast speeds anyway.
1 hour full throttle
2 hours at half-throttle
3 hours or more at slow, trolling speeds
Ergonomic control handle designed for easy one- hand operation with long tiller arm. No need to stand up to set up and take down.
ep carry motor
Range and speed.
Under typical conditions and recommended loads, most craft will achieve max speeds of 3.5 to 5.0 kts. Boat type/hull shape, length of waterline and load will determine your actual speed.  See below for some specific sample speed data.
Full throttle run time - 1 hour
Half-throttle run time - 2 hours
Slow speed run time - 3+ hours
Maximum Control, Comfort and Safety
  1. Long tiller arm allows you to sit centered and forward, and stay seated to set up, use and take down.
  2. Motor tilts up freely for obstructions or groundings
  3. Easily tilt and lower the motor with tiller arm tilt-up feature.
  4. Waterproof battery case also floats in case of accidental dunking. 
  5. Motor is also waterproof.
  6. Magnetic key doubles as a safety off-switch.
  7. Security lock fixes the motor to the boat and secures the battery pack off the boat floor.
  8. Environmentally friendly gear case is water-lubricated, has no oil or chemicals, and only requires fresh water rinsing.
  9. Easy to replace prop cartridge, even on the water.
  10. Smart battery charger uses high current to charge quickly (less than 5 hours).
Light enough to hand carry.
ep carry motor
  • The motor and battery together weigh 21 lbs., and have easy shoulder-carry bags.
  • Motor alone weighs 14.4 lbs.
  • Battery pack is about 6.3 lbs.
  • Smart charger weighs .9 lbs
Motor dimensions:
  • Mini shaft: 14" widest diameter x 40.1" long 
  • Standard/short shaft: 14" widest diameter x 45.1" long
  • Long shaft: 14" widest diameter x 50.1" long
Output Speeds to Expect on Typical Boats.
12' ballasted Sailboat (Scamp ballast full) - expect 3.3 kts.
17' centerboard Sailboat (Core Sound 17) - 4.1 kts.
7.5' light Pram (CLC Eastport pram) - 3.8 kts.
9' hard-shell Dinghy (Ranger Minto) - 3.8 kts.
9' Inflatable (Riken) - 3.5 kts.
20' tandem sea kayak (Pygmy Osprey) - 5.0 kts.  
Power and Horsepower
Input power in watts - 240 watts Horsepower: Electric motors having more efficient output than gas motors, EP Carry is roughly equivalent to a 1 hp. gas motor. 
EP Carry
Unsure if EP Carry is right for your boat? 
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or call 425-502-5232 for customer support. 
The EP Carry system includes:
  • One Motor (choice of 3 sizes: Short/standard fits most small boats, long shaft, or Mini shaft)
  • Buoyant Lithium battery in soft case
  • 5 hour smart charger
  • Soft Motor Carry bag with shoulder strap
  • Lock & key for security
How to choose right shaft size:
  • Measure your boat from top surface of transom to waterline.
  • Transoms under 13" – Mini Shaft size
  • Transoms 13" to 17" – Standard/short size
  • Transoms from 17" to 22" – Long shaft size