Electric Paddle
What our customers are saying about EP Carry

“Lightweight; outstanding customer support; great people to work with. Lightweight, surprisingly powerful for its size. This is the perfect motor for small boats when light weight is an important consideration. Easy to transport and use. Far better than lugging around the typical trolling motor and deep cycle battery. Ideal for slowly fishing along a shoreline.”
Frank D., Westford, MA

“Smaller than gas unit and therefore easier to stow in locker (horizontally!). Have had a few small issues and PropEle has surpassed expectations with attentiveness and service in correcting them. Small size and good power for our 8' Walker Bay dinghy. Due to the good performance of the outboard and customer service from the company I would easily recommend EP Carry to anyone with a smaller sized dinghy or skiff.”
Terry A., Bellingham, WA

“Lightweight. SWAP (Size, weight, and Power). Lightweight and quiet and flexible design – needed to be able to adjust depth and angle, which it does.”
Alan & Linda C., Bodkin Creek, MD

“Battery life and easy to store. Battery Life is longer than stated. My wife and I ran it at full speed for an hour and a half, we never saw a drop off in power.”
Bob H., Poulsbo, WA

“It's lightweight, easy to use and pretty design! It is unique and we are regularly handing out your brochures since electric motors are very uncommon so far in Maine.”
Alan G., Bass Harbor, ME

“Excellent customer service and response to customer questions. Light weight – I can carry it down a swim ladder with one hand while holding onto the swim ladder with the other hand.”
Henry L., Seattle, WA

“Very responsive to my requests. Can be stored inside cabin without fuel smell, or concerns about leakage and stains. Lightest weight option for dinghy power. Best option for dinghy power. Anchorages would be better if everyone used quiet motors.”
Jim M., Snohomish, WA

“We were pleasantly surprised by how far the battery went on one charge.”
—Ashlyn Brown, Port Townsend Watercraft. See full blog post.

“Lightweight, quiet, easy to carry and install. Great little motor, quiet and reliable. Lightweight battery, easy to charge and transport.”
Tharon R., MI & Bahamas