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EP Carry Integrated Package


  1. One motor (choice of 3 shaft sizes): standard/short, mini or long
  2. Soft motor carry bag with shoulder strap
  3. 5-hour smart charger
  4. Lock and key for security
  5. Buoyant lithium battery in soft case
  6. 2-Year warranty
The EP Carry system

How to choose the right shaft size

How to choose the right shaft size

Measure your boat from top surface of transom to waterline.

NOTE: Most dinghies are “Standard.”

Standard/short – Transoms 13" to 17"
Long shaft – Transoms from 17" to 22"

See shaft sizes for popular dinghies:

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EP Carry is for dinghies, tenders, and small boats under 600 lbs. and 13 ft. Not sure about yours? Please contact (425) 502-5232.

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