Electric Paddle
Power, reliability, comfort, control and safety.
  • Electric outboard motor for dinghies, tenders, skiffs
  • Electric outboard motor for dinghies, tenders, skiffs
  • Electric outboard motor for dinghies, tenders, skiffs
  • Electric outboard motor for dinghies, tenders, skiffs
  • Electric outboard motor for dinghies, tenders, skiffs
  • Electric outboard motor for dinghies, tenders, skiffs
  • Electric outboard motor for dinghies, tenders, skiffs
  • Electric outboard motor for dinghies, tenders, skiffs
  • Electric outboard motor for dinghies, tenders, skiffs

Designed for comfort, control and safety.

Small boats carry your family, friends and pets but can be overloaded or unstable in shallow water, with rocks and other obstructions on the way to the beach or dock. Your small boat is designed to manage these conditions with comfort, control and safety. Your outboard should be, too.

EP Carry is designed and assembled in the USA by experienced, life-long sailors.

  • Comfort: Feel confidence that your boat will reliably perform at reasonable speeds for the needed range, and in all conditions. Your portable motor must also be lightweight for easy transport, storage and mounting. With efficient propulsion, you can rest assured that EP Carry's battery will last longer and will draw little energy from your house bank when recharging. This makes EP Carry a more comfortable match for small boats.
  • Control: Small boats are lightweight, prone to heeling, and sensitive to control inputs. Leaning over to select reverse, and raising and lowering your outboard can make your boat unstable. EP Carry's patented control system keeps you in control while staying seated. All controls including lifting and lowering the prop as well as throttle, reverse, off, and emergency key are in the tiller handle. Plus, our thrust-sensitive steering maintains your course even when you remove your hand from the throttle.
  • Safety: Fully encapsulated electronics in the motor head instead of a submerged pod, a propeller that's fully protected against impacts, and use of the best materials to resist corrosion and impact damage make EP Carry reliable and safe and avoids common outboard problems. With an estimated 73,000 hours on our customers' EP Carry motors, we know that real world conditions challenge even the best-designed products. We provide repair kits and troubleshooting guides for helping our customers in the field.
  • Best outboard package for small boats: The only outboard designed especially for the ergonomic demands of small boats. EP Carry is available at a comfortable price point for a propulsive solution with 2x the efficiency vs. the most efficient competition. Its higher efficiency means longer run time at higher speeds and longer range for a given battery size, with reduced weight and material costs.


“This is the perfect motor for small boats when light weight is an important consideration. Easy to transport and use.”
—Frank D., Westford, MA. Read more testimonials.

EP Carry


Electric Outboard Knowledge Base

Speeds and Ranges

See our calculator for speeds and ranges on your boat in calm conditions. See our FAQ for information on how EP Carry responds to sea, wind and currents.

When you receive your EP Carry motor, use a hand-held GPS in calm, current-free water to measure actual full-throttle, ½ throttle and ¼ throttle speeds. Multiply by the runtimes below to calculate your range.

  • 1.17 hours of run time at full throttle,
  • 2.23 hours of run time at half throttle,
  • 4.7 hours of run time at ¼ throttle.
Gas outboard alternative
How does our calculator stack up against real measurements?
  • 9 ft Minto dinghy @ 340 lb,
         3.9 knots measured, 3.7 knots predicted
  • 9 ft Inflatable Riken at 250 lb,
         3.4 knots measured, 3.4 knots predicted
  • 10 ft Walker Bay @ 450 lb,
         3.6 knots measured, 3.7 knots predicted
  • 12 ft Gig Harbor Pt Defiance @ 520 lb,
         3.9 knots measured, 3.9 knots predicted
  • Jackson Coosa FD fishing kayak @ 260 lb,
         4.2 knots measured, 4.0 knots predicted

Calculate your boat's range and speed.


The motor and battery together weigh 20.4 lb; light enough to hand carry.

  • Motor alone weighs 14 lbs.
  • Battery pack is 6.4 lbs.
  • Smart charger weighs .9 lbs.


Standard ratings are not predictive of performance (see ratings for why). So instead, we offer a speed and range calculator.

  • See our speed calculator for speeds and ranges on your boat.
  • See our FAQs for performance changes from tides, winds, seas and towing


  • Standard-shaft motor and its carry bag stows neatly inside many interior and exterior compartments.
  • Standard/short shaft
    14" widest diameter x 45.1" long
  • Long shaft
    14" widest diameter x 50.1" long
  • See drawings here.


  • The only small electric with:
  • High-aspect ratio propeller, water-lubricated lower unit, and propulsive matching produces up to 2x the in-use efficiency vs. other electrics.
  • Electronics and motor in the head instead of a pod for reliability.
  • Electronic propeller protection that works.
  • Salt-water ready
  • No scheduled seal replacement, battery inspection, and no maintenance.
  • Raise and lower using tiller handle.
  • Tiller arm length options.

The EP Carry system

21 lbs total - electric outboard and battery system for dinghies

The Integrated System includes:

One motor in your choice of short or long shaft.
Buoyant lithium battery in soft case
5-hour smart charger
Soft motor carry bag with shoulder strap
Lock and key for security
Two-year warranty
“Of all the outboards on the market, we feel confident that the EP Carry is a good fit.”
—Ashlyn Brown, Port Townsend Watercraft.