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Easiest to use dinghy outboard

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What makes the EP Carry system different?
It's the most easily portable, at about 21 lbs. including 24 volt Lithium battery pack, and easiest to set up, operate and store.


How fast will my boat go?
See the Product Page for sample boat speeds or visit the Boat Speed Calculator. Of course, your boat's hull shape, waterline length, load, the type of boat, weather, tides and other factors will affect your speed.
How much runtime per battery charge?
Runtime depends on throttle setting. Full throttle runs 1 hour, half-throttle 2 hours, slower trolling speed is 3+ hours.
How far can I travel with EP Carry?
Range is calculated as speed x runtime. Each battery pack runtime is fixed at 1 hour at full throttle, 2 hours at half-throttle, and 3 hours or longer at trolling speeds.

Your boat's speed will be determined by hull shape, length of your waterline, loaded weight and weather such as wind and currents. For an 8' hard shell dinghy at 350 lbs. full throttle range would be about 3.4 nautical miles, half throttle range would be about 5.2 nautical miles.

K2 energy lithium iron phosphate battery packs

How long will the battery pack last?
Batteries are manufactured by K2 Energy. Each battery pack has a lifetime of at least 2000 charge/discharge cycles.
Do the batteries require special care?
Store in a cool dry place out of sunlight and extreme temperatures, and let it dry out after splashing.
Recharge soon after each outing for longest life. Charge until the charger light turns green, and disconnect batteries from chargers within 24 hours to save energy.
Are the batteries dangerous?
All high power batteries are dangerous to persons, property and to the environment if improperly discarded. Recycle responsibly. We offer free recycling of our batteries to our customers who request in advance.
Is there a danger to the magnetic key?
Generally no, but if you have an implanted device for your heart, consult your doctor before using EP Carry.

Find the size to fit your boat

How do I know what length shaft to buy?
Please review “How to choose the right shaft size” at our Online Store.

The Standard/Short shaft size fits the majority of boats. Measure from the waterline to your transom top. If it is between 13 and 17 inches, use the Standard/Short shaft model. If it is more than 17 inches (up to 22”), select the Long shaft model. If it is under 13 inches a special Mini version can be custom ordered. If transom height is over 22 inches, your boat is significantly large and likely needs a more powerful motor or a mounting kit.

Further questions? Please call us at (425) 502-5232.

Can I use a tiller extension with the EP Carry?
No, but the tiller arm is very long 22 inches from the transom or mounting plate. If you cannot reach the long tiller arm from your seated position, then your boat may not be safely operated with this model. For safety you should always be able to reach the propeller to clear it in case you become entangled by submerged lines. Use a sidemount for your motor if necessary to keep within safe reach.


How do the controls work?
The Throttle control is at the end of the tiller handle. The knob has an easy control dial. The Safety Key sits inside the throttle dial for quick power-down situations. The Safety interlock system requires turning the throttle dial to off for 3 seconds after the key is removed and plugged back in.
The Safety Key may be attached to a lanyard on your PFD.
Will the propeller go on without warning?
Pull out the Safety Key to disengage the motor when stopping, to stop the propeller from turning. Until Safety Key is replaced, the prop cannot be powered. The Safety interlock system requires turning the throttle dial to off for 3 seconds after the key is removed and plugged back in.
Is the propeller weedless?
The prop will cut through lighter vegetation. If you collect some tougher weeds, stop your motor, pull the arm to tilt it up, and then briefly turn on the forward throttle to full power for 2 seconds. If the vegetation is still there, remove the motor key, pull on tiller handle to tilt up, and clear manually without leaning overboard.
What if the propeller gets caught in fishing line?
Tilt the motor up and detangle.
Is the propeller weak or flimsy?
No. It is made of glass-filled nylon and is remarkably resilient and strong. However, if you routinely run the prop against shells or rocks, it will wear out the tips faster and lose efficiency.
Is the propeller dangerous?
Like all propellers it must be handled with care. Use the Safety Key to quickly turn off power and avoid accidental strikes.
Is there a reverse gear?
Yes. Turn the throttle dial to the left for reverse.
Will the EP Carry withstand groundings?
Yes, it is very robust, though very lightweight. The hard skeg protects the prop and kicks up if you hit an obstruction. However, the prop tips will wear out faster with repeated groundings and reduce your distance/range.
What if my boat turns over with the motor running?
Once you're upright and bailed, continue as if nothing happened. The motor is waterproof, as is the buoyant battery.
Does the EP Carry make my boat a powerboat?
In many areas, motors this small are not regulated on boats under 16 ft. but they are in some waters and locations. Check your local regulations. In Washington state, registration is not required for use on boats 16 feet and under in inland/non-Federally-regulated, navigable waters.
Is the EP Carry silent?
No. While it is dramatically quieter than a gasoline motor, it is not completely silent. You can expect to hear the natural sounds and conversations around you but it still makes a hum. When you first set up your motor system, you will want to adjust clamp tightness and location to minimize vibration sounds. A thin rubber pad under the clamp could also minimize noise.
How do I mount the EP Carry to my boat?
The motor easily clamps onto the transom of your boat, and is hand-tightened. Boats without transoms require some mounting device.
Can I screw the motor directly to the side of my boat?
No. The tilt mechanism must allow the motor to tilt up to the rear.

Maintenance, care and service

What maintenance is required?
After use in salt water, rinse the prop and gear area with fresh water. Immerse or simply pour 1-2 cups of fresh water into the gear opening. Charge your battery pack soon after use. Inspect your prop periodically and replace after every hundred hours of use. No other maintenance is required.
Are replacement parts expensive?
Replacement propeller modules cost $79. The prop module contains all the wear surfaces in the drive gear in the lower unit.
What is the warranty on the EP Carry?
2 years on the motor, battery and charger for personal, non-commercial use.
How can I have my motor serviced?
Call Customer Service.

Set-up, use, charging

Setup requires no assembly and takes less than one minute.
  • Rotate tiller arm up over the motor so it rests at a 90 degree angle from the motor shaft. This will prevent dipping the tiller into the water when you place the motor on the transom.
  • Clamp to the transom. Tighten screws until motor is secure.
  • Adjust tilt stop with tiller arm so motor is vertical when lowered.
  • Plug battery connector into motor.
  • When in water deep enough for the motor (at least 18 inches deep) pivot the shaft into the water by pushing back on the tiller handle.
For convenience, all controls are at the end of the tiller handle. Insert the key, and twist throttle knob to go. After inserting the key, throttle must be in the off position for at least 3 seconds before power can be turned on.
Steer like any outboard motor. The tiller is offset to the side to permit a comfortable steering position.
Recharging your battery
To charge, plug in the Smart charger to a standard wall outlet (120/240v AC 50/60 Hz) and attach the battery cord to the charger. With only one battery cord and one connector, it is simple to hook it up correctly. It takes approximately 4-5 hours to reach a full charge from depleted state. Use an inverter to power the charger while traveling on a larger boat or vehicle (requires a 150-watt inverter).

Other questions

Can I travel on airlines with the EP Carry?
The motor and charger may be carried in checked luggage. Most airlines currently do not allow lithium battery packs on board or in checked luggage.
Is there a dealer near me?
Sales and service are provided through our North Bend, WA factory. Call us at (425) 502-5232 to find other authorized service centers in your area.
Can I look at an EP Carry before buying?
Look for us at major boating shows or at our demonstration events.
Contact us at to learn more about opportunities.
What are your shipping policies?
Your motor will be shipped via UPS Ground service. Once it ships, you will receive the UPS tracking information in an email from the UPS system. This will let you know the expected delivery date.
Due to the high dollar value of the your motor shipment, our shipper (UPS Ground) requires a signature on delivery. Some customers choose to have the motor shipped to a nearby UPS store. That way the store can receive it during their normal business hours, allowing you to pick the shipment up at your convenience. Please let us know your shipping preference.
Shipping costs are determined by UPS Ground based on your distance from our warehouse. Questions? Email us at or call us at (425) 502-5232.

Need help?

Contact us directly with questions or to request other accessories or replacement parts.
Email or call (425) 502-5232.
“Can be stored inside cabin without fuel smell, or concerns about leakage and stains. Lightest weight option for dinghy power. Best option for dinghy power. Anchorages would be better if everyone used quiet motors.”
—Jim M., Snohomish, WA. Read more testimonials.