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EP Carry Specification

Patents in-force:

10,583,906 Automatically releasing pivot clamp module for an outboard motor
9,004,964 Activation and deactivation assembly for an electric outboard motor
8,747,171 Electric outboard motor transom clamping system
8,597,066 Lightweight outboard electric motor system

Patents Pending:

(un-published) Control system for mechanized electric propulsion systems

EP Carry is by far the lightest, most portable, and easiest-to-use outboard for small boats. It is available in several basic packages to serve a broad range of small boat owner applications. Each package comes with standard power programming. All EP Carry motors produced since 2017 can be upgraded to 25% more power using our wireless connection and your smart phone phone (see EP Carry Firmware Upgrade Service in Store) . Speeds, ranges and run times listed below are for the standard power programming unless otherwise stated.

  • Standard Integrated packages include:
    • 14 lbs EP Carry outboard in short or long shaft, and with a standard or long tiller
    • 6.4 lbs 24V LiFePO4 battery in a buoyant soft case
    • 5-hr charger
    • Two magnetic safety keys
    • Motor carry bag
    • Masterlock® transom lock for security
  • Standard 24V-36V non-integrated packages include:
    • 14 lbs EP Carry outboard in short or long shaft, and with a standard or long tiller
    • o Snap lock connector cord attaches to user supplied 24V or 36V battery (Max input voltage is 45V. Minimum is 20V for full power operation)
    • Two magnetic safety keys
    • Motor carry bag
    • Masterlock® transom lock for security
  • Standard 12V-24V-36V non-integrated packages include:
    • 14 lbs EP Carry outboard in short or long shaft, and with a standard or long tiller
    • o Snap lock connector cord attaches to user supplied 24V or 36V battery or use it with the 12V boost converter included with this package
    • Waterproof 12V-24V boost converter
    • Two magnetic safety keys
    • Motor carry bag
    • Masterlock® transom lock for security
  • A range of accessories and spare parts parts is available to maintain the utility and longevity of your EP Carry. See store

Unique standard EP Carry features not offered by any other brand.

  • Cost:
    • The US-made EP Carry is the lowest cost integrated electric outboard package: $240 less than the entry level Torqeedo 603C, and $600 less than Torqeedo 903. For a second battery, EP Carry's Lithium battery cost is $239 less than the proprietary entry level Torqeedo 603C battery. EP Carry's best in class efficiency allows you farther travel on a smaller battery – twice the efficiency of a Torqeedo 1003 on a 9ft dinghy.
  • Performance:
    • See comparisons tables below. Also see Home page to use the Speed and Range calculator.
    • EP Carry has the only closed loop control system that regulates input power regardless of load and battery voltage, assuring that our advertised run time is always provided.
  • Usability:
    • Lightest outboard available– 14 lbs vs. 25 lbs for the Torqeedo 603C.
    • Lightest battery available– 6.4 lbs vs. 9.2 lbs for the Torqeedo 603C.
    • EP Carry uses waterproof snap lock electrical connectors that push together and release with a twist of the locking collar. No more cross-threaded electrical connectors.
    • EP Carry is the only motor with a comfy handle for one-handed handling and mounting.
    • Variable steering force eliminates accidental roundups.
    • Self-resetting electronic propeller protection means that there is no mechanical shear pin needed. Since we launched in 2017, no customer has reported a prop broken while in use.
    • Smooth power-ramp ramp speeds so you don't spill your coffee at 6:00 AM taking the dog to shore.
    • Auto reverse latch releases when lifting or grounding but stays latched for reverse. Pull tiller to raise, push to lower – no reaching back to lift from the back of the motor head.
    • Tiller and exclusive high-aspect-ratio 2-blade prop both align with the lower unit for more compact, one-piece motor storage.
    • Safety Emergency kill-switch key is located in the throttle handle – within easy reach.
    • Safety Emergency key stops the motor but stays connected to the tiller so you can start the motor easily again.
    • Throttle uses a fixed handle and power knob instead of a twisting handle. That means less strength is needed, there are no sore wrists, and you have better control.
  • Reliability:
    • The EP Carry motor and electronics are in the head, not in a pod underwater where a seal failure damages your motor. All electronics are potted in epoxy to prevent water and vibration damage, and the BLDC motor is sealed against low pressure and short-term water entry.
    • Marine/salt-water-ready materials, like our tough cast urethane lower unit, FRP torque tube, and 316 stainless and navel brass drive components conspire to make our motor much lighter, survive drops, and it eliminates the need for sacrificial anodes in salt water.
    • Electronic shear pin prevents drivetrain damage as well as prop damage.
    • Water-lubricated gearing means no seals, oils or maintenance in lower unit and this system is well proven with zero failures in thousands of nautical miles of travel.
    • EP Carry's electronics create no spark when connected to the battery so connectors last longer. Even if you use your own battery, the motor has self-resetting protections against accidental reverse-polarity hookup.
    • Throttle handle is magnetic-field operated with no moving parts or potentiometers to fail, and all electronics are potted in epoxy for waterproof robust service.
    • Our electrical connector can't be cross-threaded as with other brands.
  • Maintenance:
    • In most of the USA, seasonal flushing of lower unit requires a fresh water rinse poured into the gear case port, and over the clamp latch area to remove salt buildup. Use in the tropics requires more frequent rinsing and wiping down. There are no scheduled maintenance tables, factory safety inspections or seal replacements as with other electrics.
  • EP Carry essentials – often an extra cost in other outboard system packages – are included in our integrated packages.
    • Buoyant soft battery case with convertible handle/shoulder strap.
    • Motor carry bag that stores away in the battery case.
    • Anti-theft transom lock.

If you have a larger boat application and need more power, EP Carry systems can be "boosted" to add 25% more input power. This is done wirelessly using your smart phone or tablet. With boosted power, input power is increased from 220W to 270W (and correspondingly battery run time will be decreased). When used on a small boat, this increase brings our speed and range in line with the performance of a Torqeedo 603C*, though using less than half the input power. To see why, go to our ratings page. To upgrade your motor, here.

Pricing EP Carry Torqeedo® 603C Honda® BF2.3
Package MSRP $1,999 $2,248 $1,040
Spare battery MSRP $460 $699 gas + can
Weights EP Carry Torqeedo® 603C Honda® BF2.3
Weight, total 20.4 lbs 34 lbs 30 lbs
Weight of motor only 14 lbs 25 lbs
Weight of battery only 6.4 lbs 9 lbs
Performance EP Carry Torqeedo® 603C Honda® BF2.3
Runtime (max power / half power) Standard: 70 min/140 min.
Boosted: 50 min/105 min
50 min. / 105 min. 60 min. / var.
Speed (max power on 9' rowing dinghy) Standard: 4 knots
Boosted: 4.2 knots
4.2 knots * 4.6 kts (est.)
Speed (1/2 power on 9' rowing dinghy) Standard: 3.4 knots
Boosted: 3.6 knots
3.6 knots* Hard to tell
(Standard power firmware)
EP Carry Torqeedo® 603C Honda® BF2.3
Max input power Standard: 220 W, regulated
Boosted: 270W, regulated
600 W, load dependent. 9,570 W
Energy storage capacity 288 Wh 500 Wh 9,570 Wh (0.29 gal gasoline)
Recharge time/Ah from 12V house bank 5.5 hours/25 Ah 5.5 hours/52 Ah
Other EP Carry Torqeedo® 603C Honda® BF2.3
Salt Water corrosion prevention method non-metallic construction Replaceable zinc Replaceable zinc
Max transom thickness 2.8in 2.5in 2.2in
max transom rake 35 degrees 25 degrees 20 degrees
"*" measured using a Torqeedo 1003 at 600W input to simulate the 603C max stated power level. All measurements taken using the same boat and weight-condition in a lake with little to no wind, using GPS with 0.1 knot resolution and measuring power using a Watt's Up meter. Reported speeds are average values from multiple measurements in two opposing directions.