Electric Paddle
EP Carry power settings

Nov 2023

The EP Carry throttle knob is a continuous power adjustment device. The EP Carry throttle handle has markings that help you determine your power setting and corresponding run times. Note that run-times given are when using our standard 288Wh battery. There are two firmware options for EP Carry; standard option has a 220W input power limit, and the higher power option has a 270W input power limit. Run times differ based on this input power difference as described below.

Each boat, loading condition and sea-state will provide a different speed at these power settings. Using a portable GPS, you can measure your speed, which when multiplied by the hours of runtime will provide your range. For example, if you are using the standard power firmware, the run time at half power is 2.3 hrs (see below). If you measure 3.5 knots at that power setting, your range is 3.5knots x 2.3 hrs = 8 nm of range. The calculation is the same for any speed unit. For example, in mph, 1.2 power speed is 4mph. 4 mph x 2.3 hrs is 9.2 statute miles.

EP Carry power settings

Full power: This is where the knob is against it internal stop and won't turn anymore. In this position the knob indicates slightly past the tip of the arrow. Using the standard power firmware, your EP Carry will provide 1.17 hrs of runtime at this setting. Using the higher power firmware EP Carry will provide 0.83 hours of runtime at full power.

Half power is when the knob is aligned with the tip of the arrow. The half power setting seems very close to full power because we contoured the throttle response to be linear with speed, not with power. With standard firmware ½ power provides 2.3 hrs of run time. With high power firmware this throttle setting results in 1.8 hrs of run time.

1/4 power is when the knob is aligned with the base of the arrow. With standard power firmware, this provides 4.7 hrs and with the higher power firmware, 3.5 hrs.