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Curious how the EP Carry outboard will perform on your dinghy or small boat? We’ve created a boat speed and range calculator to help answer that question.

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Boat types


Pram types are characterized as having a lot of “rocker”. Rocker is when the bottom of the boat is curved significantly. While this type of hull is very eficient and seaworthy, it imposes a lower efective waterline length in relation to the overall length and so it has a very strong hull speed limitation. Use this for prams and double enders like kayaks and canoes.


Inflatables include RIBs, inflatable floor, and plywood floor types. Because the transom is moved forward from the overall length up to a foot, and because the bow angles up above the waterline, speeds are lower than their overall length would indicate. Speeds of all types are similar but RIBs are slightly faster and handle better in a turn or crosswind. Speeds are very weight sensitive.


Rowing types are designed to glide through the water between rowing strokes so they are the highest speed type. The higher speed comes from a relatively long waterline for their overall length, a clean entry, and lack of significant rocker that prams seem to display.

About the EP Carry speed & range calculator

EP Carry is designed for boats between 6' and 13' that are 600 lbs or less. Our calculator shows potential results for inflatables, rowboats, or prams.


Speed and range values are for a clean hull with weight balanced front to back and side to side, and this is speed through the water. Wind, tides, load, trim, and currents may significantly affect your measured speed. Accuracy is usually within +- 10%.

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