Calculate your own small boat's likely range and speed with EP Carry.
Electric Paddle
Surprisingly powerful. Simple to use.
Electric outboards for dinghies.
EPCarry Electric outboards for dinghies
Best new dinghy outboard

Award-winning ship-to-shore dinghy power

The US-made EP Carry is the only outboard designed and optimized specifically for small boats. Dinghies, small skiffs, small sailboats, canoes and fishing kayaks that have unique design needs and speed–drag characteristics. EP Carry's portability, reliability, longevity, power, and range satisfies these needs, and its lightweight simplicity gives everyone the ship-to-shore independence they crave. Other outboards are designed for larger boats and can’t match EP Carry's design features and ease-of-use benefits.

EP Carry System

Only 21 lbs. including battery. Available in two shaft lengths to fit your dinghy.
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Light & Compact

Get motoring in 4 easy steps

The lightest outboard for dinghies
Step 1:
Swivel tiller
The lightest outboard for dinghies
Step 2:
Place motor, tighten clamps
The lightest outboard for dinghies
Step 3:
Attach cable
The lightest outboard for dinghies
Step 4:
Insert key and go

Quick set-up and pack-up

EP Carry's 14.4 lb. outboard and 6 lb. battery are light enough to sling over your shoulder while you step down into your dinghy.

Easy beaching and launching

EP Carry is simpler to operate than a gas motor, giving crew members of all ages the confidence to load up the dinghy and take the dog to shore.

Is the EP Carry right for my boat?

Best outboard for my dinghy
Optimized for small boats up to 13 feet in length and 600 lbs including:
Inflatables (all types including RIBs)
Fishing skiffs, kayaks, catamarans
Small sailboats for day use or camp cruising
Rowboats, prams, one-offs
Solar racing boats.
“With the EP Carry, the birds, seals, and sea lions were undisturbed by our passage. It made it a great modus for exploring the nature around us.”
—Ashlyn Brown, Port Townsend Watercraft.