Electric Paddle
We are drawn to water to relax, to enjoy natural beauty and rejuvenate.
Now there’s an electric motor system for your small boat that won’t get in the way of your boating experience.
Enjoy every minute on the water, even in your dinghy.
Innovation and design simplify the power experience with EP Carry. Its light weight and compact size makes it the easiest motor to lift, mount and operate, with patented technology to propel your boat efficiently, quietly and more safely than gas. By design, it’s clean power with less maintenance than any other motor. Resulting in less hassle and more fun on the water.
What makes EP Carry Easier to Use?
Four Steps to Setting up the EP Carry
STEP 1. Swivel tiller into operation position.
STEP 2. Place motor on transom, tighten motor clamps.
STEP 3. Attach cable to motor.
STEP 4. Insert key into ignition, switch on and go!
Designed for Maximum Efficiency
  • Custom brushless motor: 230-250 watts power
  • Patented water-lubricated gear system – no maintenance required
  • Unique, high-aspect ratio, slow-turning prop design
  • Electronic power control
  • Lightweight, waterproof 6 lb. Lithium (LiFePo4) battery pack weighs 6 lbs. and recharges in 5 hours.
  • Available in 3 shaft lengths (for Mini, Short/standard, Long)
  • Revolutionary Industrial Design for less hassle, more fun
  • Lightweight system to carry - Less than 21 lbs. including battery pack. Easy to carry and hand off into a dinghy.
  • Longer tiller arm for seated operation
  • Easily raise and lower motor from a seated position with tiller arm pull – no standing, leaning or reaching over to lift it up as you approach shore
  • Simple battery and charger connectors for plug-and-play no assembly required
  • Folds compactly for easy inside storage
  • Low-force grounding kick-up with well-protected skeg for safe shallow water use
  • Electronic prop protection
  • Salt or fresh water use
  • Battery bag secures out of the way on transom mount
  • Solar-ready, with a variety of 24 v. panels to fit your boat or cruising boat
Designed and built in the USA
Performs like a 1 HP motor on most boats up to 18 feet or 1,000 lbs (displacement hulls).
A quiet and efficient choice for most boats you could use a gas 2 HP engine on, with less mess and more time for fun.
Will it Work on My Boat?
Will it Work on My Boat?
Fishing skiffs
Day sailboats
Row boats
Other small craft up to 18 feet in length and 1,000 lbs.
Output Speeds to Expect on Typical Boats 
  • 12' ballasted Sailboat (Scamp ballast full) - expect 3.3 kts.
  • 17' centerboard Sailboat (Core Sound 17) - 4.1 kts.
  • 7.5' light Pram (CLC Eastport pram) - 3.8 kts.
  • 9' hard-shell Dinghy (Ranger Minto) - 3.8 kts.
  • 9' Inflatable (Riken) - 3.5 kts.
  • 20' tandem sea kayak (Pygmy Osprey) - 5.0 kts.