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R2AK 2019

6/3/2019: Race to Alaska is a 750-mile, no support, no motor, boat race from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, AK. View video


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Insights & Innovation by Joe Grez

Joe Grez is the inventor of EP Carry. Have a topic you’d like addressed? Email Joe a question at .

Quick set-up and pack-up

EP Carry’s 14.4 lb. outboard and 6 lb. battery are light enough to sling over your shoulder while you step down into your dinghy. View video

Easy beaching and launching

EP Carry is simpler to operate than a gas motor, giving crew members of all ages the confidence to load up the dinghy and take the dog to shore. View video

Electric Propulsion: A True Life Case Study

3/2019: Watch this live presentation by owner/founder Joe Grez at the 2019 Seattle Boat Show. View video

Boat speed calculator

Calculate the speed and range you can expect to see, running an EP Carry electric outboard engine on your boat. More…

Tips on beaching your dinghy, tender, skiff

With a dog and taste for beachcombing and hikes, we never resist the temptation to explore. More…

Video testimonials

1/2018: Live footage of the reaction to EP Carry from the 2018 Seattle Boat show.
View video

10/2017: See live responses to the EP Carry at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD. View video

10/2017: Join inventor/founder Joe Grez on the water for a demonstration and discussion of the EP Carry. View video

10/2017: See why the EP Carry is the outboard they’ll recommend for their boats. View video

“If you have a small boat and want to take break from rowing or forgo the noise, nuisance, and fuel cost of a gas outboard, the EP Carry is a good way to go.”
—Chris Cunningham, Editor, Small Boats Monthly. See full article.